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Hair care products
24hours hair care mist

It also attracts attention in the hair styling.It is a new method of hair care that takes only three minutes.Until the depths of the hair are full of moisture.
24 hours plant oil

Using natural plant ingredients, it is easy to blend into the skin and moisturize it.
The beauty oil can be used for hair,skin, nails and other body.

skin care products

This is a lifting up base cream in the syringe type container.

Face care before bedtime,A drop of essence makes your skin youthfully
Romantic White
Romantic White

The skin lotion which brings whitening, anti-aging and youth
358Jewel lotion
358 Jewel lotion

Gel lotion like amethyst
358Blue diamond
358 Blue diamond

It’s made of blue natural ingredients, like whipped cream ,has a light texture.
3558 Purely soap
358 Purely soap

Organic soap made from macadamia nut oil. Makeup can also be washed away by the facial cleanser!
358 Reset mist
358 Reset mist

Reset the defective skin to its original health glory.
Reset powder
Reset powder

soft foam also cleans up pores. After washing, it will not be sticky, but skin likes wet ceramic.
Reset water plus
Reset water plus

Plant extracts can also work smoothly on sensitive skin, finishing the skin texture and maintaining healthy skin. Mist type simple toner.

Far more than hyaluronic acid ,it has a threatening hydraulic power.
Commending voices have been received since the beginning of sale.
Aloe Vera 100%
Aloe Vera 100%

Very popular with customers, with a turnover rate of 80%!
"Okinawa Miyako Island Aloe Vera" 100% of the original liquid beauty solution
Brilliant plus essence
Brilliant plus essence

Vitamin C supplements to skin
Make skin elastic, wrinkle free and dull
Supply vitamin C to the deepest part of the skin.
Without makeup Snow beauty
Without makeup Snow beauty

Makeup can also be washed away by hand soap. Because the cold process is very practical, the essence of blending will be well preserved and will work well for sensitive skin.

body care products
The story of flower

Hand and nail oils that fully match the soft fragrance of 8 kinds of beauty flower essences. Moisturize your fingers.

pet products
为了重要家人的闪闪之心 自然香草水
Warm heart for the important family member
Natural vanilla water
(for sensitive skin)

You can also do simple physical care at home. Grooming is also enough for a bottle.
为了重要家人的闪闪之心 闪亮身体水
The shining heart for the important family
Shining body water
( for long hair )

Make the hair gorgeous. Concentrate on the pain and twining of hair.
7 kinds of plant extracts were mixed.
为了重要的家人用心滋润 抗衰老水
Moisten with heart for the important family member
aging moist water

Provide moisturizing care for the elderly and dry skin pets.
Cooperate with 12 kinds of natural and moist essences.
柔软的心为了重要的家人 修复保养水
Soft heart for the important family member
Repair and maintenance water
(used for scent)

Clean up the smell of care. It can be refreshed whenever you want to clean.
Cooperate with 7 kinds of natural beauty essence.