What is the ultrapure water?

It is used in the laboratory of the University for blood, cell culture and so on. It is also used in the cleaning of semiconductors and precision instruments.

  Solubles in water do not contain all metal ions, minerals, organic matter and inorganic matter. It infinitely closes to the purity of 100% H2O.
Unlike ordinary water, ultrapure water has no substance that connects water molecules, so clusters (molecules are combined to form a clump) become smaller.
In summary, the ability to absorb other substances is excellent.

This ultra pure water is made in our own factory.

Tap water
Deionized water
Ultra pure water
※Compared with tap water, the purity has 400 thousand times difference.

Application of skin care products
Utilizing the above “ability to absorb other substances = the property of being easy to stick together”, Forest Labo uses ultra-pure water as an essential ingredient in skin care products and pet products.

It helps to restore skin's health by absorbing dust and dirt on the skin's surface and pores.