About us


Forest•Labo is such a company

We are committed to " water" as the basis of cosmetics Natural skin care products are being proposed.
Planning, development and manufacturing are all being carried out in our own laboratory factories.
In the future, we will continue to make products with love, passion and dreams.

Consider people, animals, and the environment to produce goods.

The goal is to produce goods friendly to people, animals and the earth.
In addition to cosmetics, there are pet care products, baby products, In addition, commodity development is under way.

Philosophy [Seven conventions]

1, Continue to be a serious, honest and trusted company.
2, Try to embrace dreams and hopes and contribute to society.
3, Cultivate human power with care, style and attention to details.
4, Caring for people and animals
5, Do not lose luster and continue to challenge forward in a cheerful manner.
6, We will create a product with love, passion and dream.
7, Not satisfied with the status quo and constantly changing.


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Forest Labo co
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Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan, 531-0072
Phone: +81-6-6292-7727